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This is where you will find odds and ends, along with some sweet audio components for sale. Feel free to call or email to get more details. In most cases, shipping will be restricted to inside the USA.

ADCOM GTP-350 preamplifier tuner

This preamplifier tuner is in excellent condition with no issues. Fully functional. It does not have a phono section, so you will need a phono stage to enjoy vinyl. If you are looking for an affordable option, consider the Pro-ject Phono Box E for MM cartridges.

 [ SOLD  ]

Off to a new home.

NAD 2100 amplifier + 1600 preamplifier tuner

Super nice set of NAD components from the original owner. Fully functional in stock form and ready to enjoy as is, or do a rebuild to squeeze a little more performance out of it. I have tested with Vandersteen 3A speakers via bi-wire cable and these sound really nice.

 [ SOLD  ]

Off to a new home.

KLE Copper Harmony Phono Plugs – One Pair

These are an unused pair of high quality phono plug rca connectors from KLE (Keith Louis Eichmann). The original packaging with sleeves and set screws is included. These are a nice option if you plan to hardwire custom phono cables into your turntable.

$20 + s/h

Contact me for details.

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I am a designer & craftsman passionate about music and vintage analog audio gear from the late 60's, 70's, and 80's.

My mission is to help you get the most out of your audio system with custom handcrafted products, and informative resources that help you maintain and improve the quality of your HiFi system.


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