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Custom Turntable

AR XA + Rega RB202

“Matt’s attention to detail, design style and quality craftsmanship took my AR XA turntable to a whole new level. It’s a one-of-a-kind piece of art I will enjoy for many years to come. Thanks for the Hot Rod!”

Gary in Washington, USA

Custom Side Panels

Akai GX-635D

Fantastic product and craftsmanship. It just looks amazing.  I highly recommend both the product and Matt.

Ib in Denmark

Custom Side Panels

Akai GX-635D

Extremely satisfied with those side panels. The wood is very beautiful and we can see right away that Matt pays special attention to every detail. I highly recommend it.

Rejean in Canada

Cardas Cables

Iridium Phono

I recently purchased Iridium PHONO cable from Matt at vintagehifinut.com It was a part of upgrade for Thorens TD-135 mk2 turntable I revamped. Prior to this purchase I used a set of custom phono RCA cables made from vintage industrial SIEMENS 1935 cable. Never was a Cardas follower before cuz did not believe in any modern cables. Always believed in the magic of true vintage: SIEMENS, good ol’ BELDEN, and others. Cardas truly surprised me. Full musical stage was right there in the room. Deep enough, very strong middle and bass. Iridium did it for me and my setup. If you wish to get familiar with Cardas line of products — do get Iridium. Yes, it is an introductory cable set. Yes, there are other so-to-say “upscale” cables in their product line. But if you are getting to know Cardas then do get Iridium. For me and for my setup this cable gave a very good understanding what to expect from Cardas in general — excellent sound quality that helps bring the best out of your setup. I do suggest to consult with Matt prior to purchasing ANY of Cardas cables just to make sure the proper cable is selected specifically FOR YOUR PARTICULAR system. IT did help me for sure – very very knowledgable and reliable professional. Do enjoy Cardas from vintagehifinut.com!!”

Sash in Illinois, USA

Cardas DIY Parts

Tonearm Rewire Kit

“Great deal on kit needed to rewire my old Kenwood decks. Fast shipping and friendly service.”

Travis in New York, USA

Cardas DIY Parts

Tonearm Rewire Kit

“This is a great deal on Cardas wire, bundled with what you need to rewire your tone arm. Props for super fast shipping these days too! More than that though, Matt has been very helpful in answering my questions as I work through repairs to a couple of vintage AR turntables. Thanks so much Matt!”

Andrew in Georgia, USA

Cardas DIY Parts

Tonearm Rewire Kit

“This complete kit looks easy enough for an amateur like myself to attempt. Having high hopes I did purchase two of these kits. Matt shipped these quickly. I’m a happy customer.”

Stuart in Georgia, USA

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