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We are an authorized parts dealer for Cardas Audio and Rega Research, as well as a MoFi Distribution authorized reseller. Our business is too small to stock most inventory such as electronics, turntables, phono stages, tonearms and some audio accessories. However, we do try to stock DIY parts and audio accessories, based on customer demand.

We recommend you find what you are looking for at Cardas Audio, Rega Research, and MoFi accessories and MoFi Electronics to find what you want. Then contact us for availability and pricing. We will match or beat any price from an authorized reseller! When you place your order and pay, we will order your parts with either dealer and ship direct to you. We can only ship in the USA.

Just because you don’t see it here, doesn’t mean we can’t get it for you!



516 SE Gleneden Place
Bend, Oregon 97702
(541) 799-9113


By appointment only

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