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User-voted repair shops for your vintage audio

Many people don’t have local options for getting their vintage audio gear repaired, or modified. This means you need to ship your pride and joy to another state, across country, or to another country. We are building a map of user-voted small audio repair shops known to have a good reputation and are committed to doing quality work. This includes speaker companies that offer upgrade and repair services. These are shops you can trust!

To get your favorite shop on the map, register on our site so we can confirm you are a real user, and then contact us. If you do not want to receive communications from us, just let us know. The best way to view this map is on desktop or tablet.

Western USA

Gig Harbor Audio  |  Gig Harbor, WA
Audio Video Repair  |  Boise, ID
Precision Video Audio Services  |  Twin Falls, ID
Willy Hermann Services  |  Moraga, CA
Champlifier Audio Servicing  |  Alameda, CA

Eastern USA

Durham’s Electronics  |  Little Rock, AK
Electronics Services Labs (ESL)  |  Wethersfield, CT
The Service Department  |  Bridgeport, CT
Wargo’s Electronics Services  |  Marion Heights, PA


Creato Audio  |  Utrecht, Netherlands

Willy Hermann Services

Visit website  |  Email  |  925.376.2146

We specialize in repair of vintage Nakamichi cassette decks and other electronics from the “Golden Era” of Nakamichi. We do not work on the SoundSpace line or any more recent products. We do not have anything to do with the current Nakamichi.

Champlifier Audio Servicing

Visit website  |  Email  |  510.434.4444

We are the one stop location for all you HIFI stereo and Professional audio needs. We provide our customers with high quality services, personalized for their unique needs. We are professional, courteous and efficient. Our services include: power amplifier and vintage receiver repairs, vintage audio amplifier restoration (solid state only), amplifier modifications, receiver customization, pre-amplifier and mixer repairs, and passive and active crossover repairs.

Electronics Service Labs

Visit website  |  Email  |  860.529.3700

Since 1977, we have been providing Connecticut & Massachusetts residences and dealers with the highest level of repair service. We service and calibrate all components of your home audio/theater system — Receivers, Amplifiers, Pre-amps, Tuners, Cassette Decks, CD players, Turntables, Reel to Reel, VCRs, and DVDs. We service top brands, and are known for our work on Nakamichi cassette decks and maintain a large parts inventory.

Wargo's Electronic Services

Visit website  |  Email  |  570.900.1181

Vintage Audio Repair and Restoration of solid state and tubes. We currently service all brands, however we have extensive experience and knowledge with Marantz, Mcintosh, Sansui, Fisher, Pioneer and Kenwood.

Gig Harbor Audio

Visit website  |  Email  |  253.228.6021

We have not met a stereo we don’t like. We love every audio brand, flavor, and every good idea from hi-fi designers over the years. We install home theater/surround sound and 2 channel audio/video. We can fix most solid state/tube gear, turntables, and reel2reels.

The Service Department

Visit website  |  Email  |  203.331.0671

You now have another choice when looking for quality audio repair at a reasonable price. We have over 20 years of experience with high-end audio. We have unparalleled and exceptional knowledge of all vintage Krell products. Authorized service center for: AVM, Ayon Audio USA, Blue Circle Audio, Chord, Electrocompaniet, Exposure, Joule Electra, Lector Audio USA, Luxman, MBL, McIntosh, North Star Design, Parasound, GamuT, Raysonic, Sonic Frontiers, Tube Research Labs, and VTL.

Audio Video Repair

Email  |  208.336.9351

“Most Brands, Most Products” is John Roeper’s moto. With an Electrical Engineering background, John owned a stereo shop called Alltech Home Electronics for 26 years. For the last 10 years, his focus is on repairing tube and solid state audio electronics for home and commercial use. John loves his customers and is always willing to give vintage audio buying advice for free — just call or email.

Precision Video Audio Services

Email  |  208.736.0881

Professional technician for over 40 years. In business in Twin Falls since 1994. Worked for Pacific Stereo in Seattle and Northern California until their demise in the late 1980’s.

Durham's Electronics

Facebook  |  Email  |  501.224.2349

Arvel Durham has been servicing solid state home audio for 35 years. His focus now is quality vintage audio from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. He is known to go the extra mile for his customers. Vintage brands he works on include: Kenwood, Marantz, Pioneer, and Sansui.

Creato Audio

Visit website  |  Email  |  +31-629 15 12 85

Our specializations are big transistor amplifiers, tiny tube amps, big tube amps, cd-players and exotic equipment. Brands we have vast experience with and good documentations, good factory connections and good parts supply include: Goldmund, Krell, Conrad Johnson, Audio Research, PrimaLuna (I designed), Threshold, Rowland, Sphinx, Jadis, Copland, Apogee Acoustics, Accuphase.

I also work on Fender & Marshall Tube Guitar amps, Tape Echo machines from various brands, including Rhodes and Wurlitzer pianos.

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