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50 Years of Rega Research

Established in 1973, Rega has a long legacy of making award winning products across the world. Check out their product timeline. My appreciation of Rega begain with the RB250 tonearm that I purchased to transplant on my Dad’s AR XA turntable back in 2010. Since then, I have come to appreciate the value and quality to the point where I use them exclusively in my AR XA custom turntable builds. And as I learn more about Rega, my respect grows even more. They continue to design and build everything in house. Even their phono cartridges.

Our association with Rega grew out of my connection with Rega tonearms. Our U.S. dealer status has just begun, and while you can buy any Rega product through us, we will be focusing on the full line of tonearms and counterweight/stub upgrades for the “2 series”. At this early stage we will not stock inventory. However, we do have the MC Fono MK4 phono stage and Ania Pro phono cartridge on a custom reference deck in our Bend, Oregon demo room.

Authorized service center for Rega planar turntables and Apollo CD players.

We offer complete repair and upgrade services for your planar turntable. This includes service and repair of motors, subplatter/main bearing, platter, pulley, belt, tonearm wiring, phono cable, feet and dustcover. In most cases, we can get replacement parts, and we have fluids/oil on hand for motors, cueing mechanisms and bearing. We will begin to stock a few upgrade parts from TangoSpinner specifically P3 owners that are not ready to move up to a P6, but want improved platter performance. Rega does have a P6 upgrade kit that includes the P6 platter and metal subplatter. For those looking for increased dynamics and detail, we offer a tonearm rewire service using Cardas Audio wire and clips. This includes the option to add a Cardas Audio DIN plug, made for Rega tonearms, or extra wire to connect to RCA jacks. We can offer a bundled deal that includes a high end Cardas phono cable custom ordered to your required length. You can send your Rega tonearm to us if you are not local. Turnaround time is usually 5 business days. Contact us to talk about your project.

Why buy from us?

There are many online audio shops that just sell audio products across many categories. Our main focus is building custom AR XA turntables with Rega tonearms. Partnering with Rega helps us to build on what we can offer customers and helps support us so we can invest time into our audio restoration services. It’s that simple. For those who want a proven high quality modern turntable like Planar turntables, we can hook you up.

Over the next few months, we will determine customer demand to see what products we will begin to stock. Until then, I can promise you that we will give you the best price over any advertised price from other authorized dealers. Please contact us to get more information, pricing and availability.

If you want to learn more about Rega Research, check out the new film “Listen” below, to celebrate their 50 year anniversary.


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