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The natural beauty of hardwoods can elevate the look of your tape deck and handle more abuse than particle board with veneer or vinyl lamination. There are many beautiful hardwoods, but not all are good for side panels. I handpick all wood to get the best results and when possible, I prefer to select wood and finishing style that will look best on a specific tape deck. Material cost can vary depending on the type of wood. Retail prices on finished side panels range from $90 – $160. Domestic shipping in USA is a flat rate of $25. Please contact me for shipping cost anywhere outside of the USA.

This gallery page shows you side panels that include sets available for sale. Fastener hardware is not included. If you are interested in getting a set, contact me with your tape deck model and what kind of look you want.

South American Walnut

There are two species of walnut I use: Black Walnut from the Pacific Northwest and South American Walnut. While Black Walnut is beautiful, the South American variety has a more consistent grain pattern and in the widths needed for side panels. There are ways to finish this product that give you anything from a JBL walnut color to a darker ebony look without staining. This set are finished with a hand-rubbed danish oil finish that highlights some chatoyance (tiger’s eye effect) in the wood. You can’t get that with veneered side panels.

– SOLD –

Thermally-modified Ash

There is no need for a finish with this product. The wood goes through a thermal treatment designed for stability and moisture resistance that is meant for outdoor use. The result is a unique soft looking wood that has a carmelized color through the core of the board.

– SOLD –

South American Walnut

This is a customer order that was designed to match his JBL speakers. The panels have a shellac finish with lacquer top coat.

– SOLD –


Bloodwood is a beautiful wood, but challenging to work with and can splinter. It’s not for the faint of heart when working with larger pieces like these side panels. The finishing time on these took a few weeks due to having to fix micro splits, but the results are worth it. This project required refinishing the metal top plate on the chassis.

– SOLD –


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