Rega Stainless Steel Counterweight and Arm Stub


Upgrade your RB250/202/220 tonearm with the RB300 stainless steel balance weight stub and RB303 RP6 stainless counterweight (97g).  Use this counterweight if your cartridge weighs 6g or less. Contact us for availability.

Sold as a set.

1 in stock (can be backordered)

Replace the black plastic stub and black mild steel counterweight that came with your RB250/202/220 tonearm for two reasons. First, the metal stub adds rigidity to the arm tube and the rubber o-rings inside the counterweight add a level of vibration damping as opposed to the hard contact from the stock plastic stub with metal counterweight. Second, it just looks good. Visually, it enhances the overall look by matching the stainless steel accents of the cueing arm and other subtle parts.

Note: The mild steel counterweight that comes on the RB220 and RB330 weigh (130g), and work well for cartridges over 6 grams. This counterweight is lighter, at 97 grams, and works well for cartridges 3-6 grams.

Only sold as a set.


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