Rega Three point Arm Height Adjustment Spacer 2mm (Stainless)


Fits all Rega three point tonearms including the 2016 range of Planar turntables. This spacer replaces the previous plastic spacer and offers better performance and support for the tonearm. Some other manufacturers cartridges may have a deeper body than Rega cartridges, these will sometimes require the use of the three-point spacer to allow clearance of the rear of the cartridge from the vinyl. When Rega arms are fitted to turntables from other manufacturers it may be necessary to add our Rega arm spacers to achieve the correct arm height.

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Note: On Rega turntables, spacers should not be necessary unless you are you using an exceptionally deep-bodied cartridge from another manufacturer.

Caution: If you have an older RP turntable with larger diameter counterweight, like the RB303/RB808/RP6, the 2mm spacer will lift the tonearm assembly to a position where the dustcover will bottom out on the counterweight. In this instance, you will want to consider the smaller tungsten counterweight, or the RB303 stainless steel counterweight.

Arm height or V.T.A adjustment can be a controversial subject. Rega believes that the integrity of the arm fixing onto the arm mounting board is much more important than the questionable facility of arm adjustment. The arm should be reasonably parallel to the record surface or slightly lower at the mounting. The only time a spacer is necessary to raise the arm height is if the rear of a cartridge is hitting the record whilst playing.



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