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It’s time to graduate to a better record cleaning machine. Everyone has their favorite. The HANNL Mera Professional is the reference-level record cleaning solution from Nessie. Designed to automatically clean each record with gentle and deep cleaning.The automatic mode dispenses the correct amount of fluid, with set washing and drying time. How easy is that? You can adjust the platter speed and there is a six-step switch with different functions. The HANNL is designed to make your record cleaning life easy. The cost may seem high, but cleaning records is no fun. The HANNL makes your life easy, while cleaning your prized album collection to a level higher than many other machines. Made in Germany, and available with additional accessories including a dustcover, cleaning supplies and parts. Contact us for more info and availability.

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• Designed for automatic washing of vinyl records
• Crafted from 1cm black high gloss carbon acrylic
• Utilizes the patented HANNL round brush, providing a gentle and deep cleaning
• Adjustable platter speed and platter direction
• Automatic mode - supplies perfect amount of fluid, with set washing & drying time
• Six-step switch for different functions
• Operates at a very quiet 46 decibels
• Dimension: 15" x 15" x 10.2" | Weight: 39.7 lbs
• Power consumption during cleaning: 18 watts | Power consumption during extraction: 140 watts

Update of Legendary Record Cleaning Machine: German-Made Hannl Mera Professional Features Fully Automatic Operation, Patented Round Brush, Stellar Performance, More

For nearly two decades, the Hannl Mera record cleaning machine became legendary in European audio circles for its quality, performance, and functionality. Excitingly, the classic design has been re-engineered and updated for today's users with fully automatic operation all the while remaining built to the same unassailable standards. Constructed in Germany, and comprised of a 10mm high-gloss black carbon acrylic with CNC-machined hard-chrome accents, Mera Professional serves as proof not all cleaning machines are the same.

The inclusion of the patented Hannl round brush – developed by Gunter Hannl – sets Mera Professional apart from the competition. It provides super-gentle albeit thorough, deep cleaning of vinyl LPs – including those that many listeners consider "too far gone" for playback. In addition, Mera Professional gives you the ultimate in customization options. You can adjust the cleaning dosage amount, speed, and power of the extraction turbine to your own specifications – for every cleaning. You can also alter the brightness of the LED display or disable the acoustic signals that indicate progress. Mera Professional even remembers your preferences and automatically makes those settings available for the next LP you wash.

Mera Professional's automatic ability proves equally intuitive and easy. In automatic mode, a defined amount of liquid gets automatically dispensed, a washing timer monitors the optimal time and reports when the discharge should be initiated. Then, the drying process starts at the push of a button and ends automatically after a change of rotation. Ridding the dirt, dust, and debris from your LP collection is that simple – and effective.

One glimpse at Mera Professional – and those striking side struts, feet, and clamp – should tell you nearly everything else you need to know about a machine that exemplifies an audiophile-based adherence to sound and timeless class. But the real proof comes after you put an LP through one cleaning cycle and put it on your turntable, drop the needle, and listen to how much more of everything you'll hear. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

Customizable Settings

Traditionally, the Hannl Mera is appreciated by vinyl lovers because it allows individually adjustable plate washing. This concept has been retained. With the Hannl Mera Professional you can adjust the dosing quantity, the turntable speed and also the performance of the extraction turbine to your personal requirements. You can even adjust the brightness of the LED display to your comfort level and disable acoustic signals. And best of all, your machine remembers your preferences and automatically makes your settings available at the next plate wash. Such an individuality offers you no other plate washing machine!

Fully Automatic Mode

The concept of individual record cleaning was complemented by an automatic function in the course of redisigns. This makes the HANNL Mera Professional an all-rounder. In automatic mode, a defined amount of liquid is automatically dispensed. A washing timer monitors the optimal washing time and reports when the discharge should be initiated. The drying process starts at the push of a button and ends automatically after a change of rotation. The practical LED bar display shows you the respective progress. The automatic mode considerably simplifies the rapid processing of larger collections.


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