Cardas GRFA S Female RCA Connectors


Chassis mount solderable female RCA. Mounts to chassis thickness of 0.125”/3.18mm or less. Comes with red and white 0.625”/15.87mm outside diameter shoulder washers for channel identification. Standard mounting nut is gold plated brass 0.138”/3.51mm thick. Ideal mounting hole diameter is 0.455”/11.55mm.

Sold as a red/white pair.

4 in stock (can be backordered)

Base metal: High copper content, non-magnetic brass
Plating: Silver / Rhodium
Termination: Solder cup for positive, chassis/notch for negative.


Genuine parts from Cardas Audio. Like most online dealers, we stock limited items. If you place your order on this site, we will place the part order at Cardas to ship direct to you. Orders over $100 ship free in the continental US. For international orders, please contact us before placing an order. We cannot ship to countries where there are dealer agreements with Cardas.


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