Cardas Rosin Flux Paste


Cardas activated rosin flux, soldering paste in 2 oz. tub. Helps solder flow smoothly. This is handy to use for preparing the ends of Litz wire if you don’t have a solder pot. Made in the USA.

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This is an electric quality, rosin flux mixed with petroleum jelly. This flux is non-flammable, and is not corrosive. It is recommended for all electrical or electronic soldering applications. After soldering, the flux residue may be removed by wiping with a cloth or with cleaning solvent.

How to use: Litz conductors must be tinned before they can be soldered to a circuit board or a connector. At Cardas Audio, we remove the outer jacket with hot tweezers, dip the wire in Cardas Rosin Flux Soldering Paste, and then hold it in a solder pot for several seconds, until the end is tinned.

Tip from Vintage HiFi Nut: if you don't have a solder pot, follow the directions from Cardas, but use a wood block to lay the fluxed wire on while pressing the tip of your soldering iron down on the wire with a brushing motion from the point you want to remove insulation to the tip. Rotate the wire as you do this to make sure you are "cleaning" off the insulation around all of those tiny litz wires. Always use a digital multi-meter to make sure you have solid continuity before tinning.


Genuine parts from Cardas Audio. Like most online dealers, we stock limited items. If you place your order on this site, we will place the part order at Cardas to ship direct to you. Orders over $100 ship free in the continental US. For international orders, please contact us before placing an order. We cannot ship to countries where there are dealer agreements with Cardas.


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