Cardas 33×4 Braided Tonearm Wire


Genuine Cardas Audio 33×4 Braided Tonearm to rewire your tonearm. Priced by the foot, so enter the number of feet you want.

Contact us for a custom orders.


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Cardas 33x4 AWG Braided Tonearm Wire  |  Ultra pure copper, Golden Ratio stranded litz wire. Ends are taped to prevent unraveling prior to installation.

We are an official parts dealer, so feel free to contact us for custom orders, or to buy any Cardas Audio product you do not see in our store. At the moment, we are focusing on parts for turntable rebuilds.


Cardas manufactures Litz conductors. These conductors have an enamel coating on each strand that must be removed. This is best achieved using flux and a solder pot to tin the ends. If you haven't worked with Litz conductors, please view this video at Cardas Audio showing this technique. Failure to properly tin the wires will result in a conductor that does not perform correctly.


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