Akai GX-635D side panels – Walnut

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Give your Akai GX deck new life with our custom side panels made from South American Walnut with hand-rubbed danish oil finish (WDO). These are hand-finished to a furniture grade level that will last many years. There is a depth of highlights in this grain that has some areas with chatoyance (tiger’s eye effect) that changes based on the direction of light and how you look at it. It is subtle, but very beautiful. These side panels will fit GX-635D tape decks, and possibly with the 636, 646, and 747. Feel free to contact us with the measurements of your side panels before ordering. Does not include fastening hardware.

Shipping in the USA is a flat rate of $25 with USPS Priority Mail. If you are outside of the USA, please contact me prior to purchasing for an accurate shipping cost.

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There are two species of walnut I use: Black Walnut from the Pacific Northwest and South American Walnut. While Black Walnut is beautiful, the South American variety has a more consistent grain pattern and in the widths needed for side panels. There are ways to finish this product that give you anything from a JBL walnut color to a darker ebony look without staining. This set are finished with a hand-rubbed danish oil finish that highlights some chatoyance (tiger’s eye effect) in the wood. You can’t get that with veneered side panels.

Mounting holes are slightly oversized to allow for easier positioning while attaching the panels. Mounting points top to bottom measure 12 inches, and front to rear measure 5 inches.

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Dimensions 18.5 × 7.5 × 0.875 in

1 review for Akai GX-635D side panels – Walnut

  1. Ib Nielsen

    Fantastic product and craftsmanship. It just looks amazing.
    I highly recommend both the product and Matt.

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