4-Track Tape clip

Information page for custom 3D printing of this clip design
Vintage Open Reel Tape Accessory

SONY Open Reel Tape Clip

Hey fellow Open Reel Tape Deck members, here’s your chance to be a part of creating a 3D printed tape clip, based off this SONY clip from my Dad’s collection.

I’m doing this for our Facebook group and have no desire to profit from something that is not my design. This is the hub of information for now as we will poll members to gauge interest for both 7 and 10.5 inch tape. This clip is for 1/4 inch tape, so that’s where we will start. We can adjust the 3D file to allow for custom printing for common sizes, and in different colors.

Keep checking this page as I will update as more details are available.

Stay tuned!

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