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Established in 1977 (a great year by the way), Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs was well known for being the leader in high quality vinyl with their Original Master Recording LP series aimed at the audiophile market. Learn more about Mobile Fidelity. I remember very well how those albums were considered “must haves” for your favorite albums. This introduced me to the idea of better inner sleeves, and at the time, my high school budget could only afford the Discwasher VRP sleeves. Fast forward decades later, and you can imagine how excited I was when MoFi came out with their archival inner sleeves.

My association with MoFi grew out of being a customer and buying their products. So for me, it is only natural to add specific products from their product line that contribute to our ability to offer our customers a curated collection of well made, great performing products to help you enjoy music, and your media collection. We will work on creating bundled starter packages for people getting into vinyl for the first time, or maybe getting back into it after a hiatus (raising kids) … to make it easy to know what you need to protect your albums and phono stylus. These items will include inner and outer sleeves, stylus care products, and record care products.

Why buy from us?

There are many big audio shops that sell a wide variety of home audio. We are not that. What we are is a small company focused on personal service. Our focus is on building high quality custom AR XA turntables, providing limited restoration and modification services, and partnering with a select few audio companies in order to help our customers maximize the enjoyment of their home audio system. Most of what we do, revolves around the enjoyment of vinyl.

We are a MoFi Distribution Authorized Reseller.

We will be adding products to our shop over the next few weeks. In the meantime, feel free to contact us with questions about products you are interested in. We will give you the best price over any advertised price from other authorized dealers. Think of us as your audio advocate poised to help you enjoy a little more with good pricing.


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