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IsoAcoustics Inc. has been manufacturing and distributing isolation products in the audio industry since January 2012. The patented IsoAcoustics technology is based from years of experience in the design and construction of radio and television studios.

The driving force is Dave Morrison, closely involved in planning and building radio and television studios at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for close to 20 years. Dave Morrison was part of the design team faced with the challenges of building the world’s largest multi-media center in Toronto: over 1.72 million square feet, with recording studios for drama, music, and chamber ensembles, special effects, radio and television shows.

Based on patented designs, IsoAcoustics has developed products for the Professional Audio and home project studio, the HiFi and consumer market, and large applications that include Pro Audio, HiFi and Live sound. IsoAcoustics distribution is structured with separate channels for Pro Audio and Home Audio, with product development within these channels. In this relatively short period of time, IsoAcoustics has grown rapidly and now sells in over 60 countries.

IsoAcoustics speaker stands provide superior acoustic isolation and enhance the sound clarity of any speakers including studio monitors, home audio systems and sound reinforcement.

Our interest in IsoAcoustics revolves around isolation products for the most common components in your HiFi stereo setup: speakers, turntables, and electronic components. This is why our inventory is limited to the GAIA Series, Orea Series, ISO Puck Mini and zaZen Isolation Platforms. These solutions work for 90% of our customers. If there is any product in the Home or Pro Audio that you want, just contact us for availability and pricing. We strive to compete in the marketplace and know you have options.

There are many products that claim to eliminate or reduce the effects of physical vibrations.

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The IsoAcoustics GAIA Challenge: Can they hear the difference?


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