The main focus of my business is using my woodworking and metal fabrication skills to rebuild turntables, restore speakers and fabricate custom side panels for tape decks and components to dress them up. I have decided to highlight some of the work I am doing — and have done over the years — in my pursuit to enjoy vintage hifi and get the most out of it. I will call this my HiFi Reborn Series: Giving old audio gear new life.

If you are like me, vintage audio is the ticket to enjoying music with cool looking vintage gear, that sounds great, at a price I can afford. Part of what makes this hobby so fun is the variety of designs from the 60’s, 70’s, and even 80’s that visually appeal to different people, at different price points. There is something for everyone. You just have to look. However, to really enjoy this vintage gear, you need to make sure it is serviced and working properly.

Sometimes, you can buy gear that has already been gone through and works great. For instance, I have a Sansui CA-2000 preamplifier and Sansui TU-9900 tuner from the 70’s that are bone stock, never serviced, and still perform really well. It is a testament to the design and production quality of that analog era. However, most of the time, there is usually some work that must be done on gear that has been sitting in a closet for years, or someone else’s project they lost interest in.

I am not a technician, but I know enough that I can safely work on my own electronics with the help and guidance of smarter people than me, that I have met on audio forums, like Audiokarma and Lenco Heaven. Yet even with that experience, I have come to learn when it is time to let a professional do the work. The last thing you want to do is ruin a lovely piece of audio gear because you wanted to save money. To help you find a good repair shop, I am curating a list of repair shops that I have personal experience with, or that have been recommended to me by trusted sources. Feel free to let me know if you have a shop you want to add. This is a free service.

My hope is that this special series will show you the level of quality in my work, and be inspirational for those who enjoy working on their own stereo gear, and looking for ideas. Feel free to ask questions. There is nothing set in stone about this format. I’m sure as time goes by, I’ll make adjustments to how I put this content together.

The first project in my HiFi Reborn Series will be a turntable from the 60’s, that pioneered turntable design and brought Hi-Fidelity Stereo into the home. Coming soon …