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Fyne Audio is what Tannoy should have become. If you are familiar with the story, you already know that the design director Dr. Paul Mills and core group, including execs, left Tannoy after they were bought out and made changes in manufacturing. Fyne Audio has our respect because they are carrying the Tannoy legacy into present day and the future of what they will do is exciting.

Harmonia Distribution is the new US distributor for Fyne Audio, and their new marketing approach is focused on presenting these high quality speakers in an elevated setting that can only be found in brick and mortar shops at a high level. It makes sense given the price point. This means we are not currently dealers for this fine company.

So why buy from us?

We have three pair of Fyne Audio speakers on 25% off clearance. If you buy from us, not only will you get a spectacular deal, you will be able to register your speakers with Harmonia for the full warranty. We will ship your speakers, as they came from the factory, on a pallet with protective materials for FREE in the continental US. You will get  protective socks, accessory kit, paperwork, and original boxes. You sacrice nothing for speakers in like new condition with very little time on them.

You can put the speakers in our shopping cart, but we prefer you contact us to discuss details and finalize payment. If you pay using Paypal, there will be a 3% charge.

If you need Cardas Audio cables, and buy speakers from us, we will be happy to give you a bundle deal to add custom audio cables for your system.

Fyne Audio F702 angle view of 8 inch drivers
Fyne Audio


Piano Gloss Walnut

Fyne Audio


Piano Gloss Black

Fyne Audio F501SP in walnut
Fyne Audio

F501 SP

[ SOLD ]

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