Fixer uppers in the home industry are all the rage. You can’t watch tv without stumbling across a show about fixing old homes. Vintage audio gear may not be on tv, but it has a lot in common with houses.

People love the design and styling from an era when things were simpler, and made to last. Vintage audio is the most affordable way to build a stereo system with style, quality, and sonic performance for almost any budget. However, you can’t love vintage audio and own it without accepting the reality that your gear will need repair or restoration at some point. If you love it, and want to keep it, you will fix it … or find someone who can fix it properly.

The reality for people just getting into audio, and audiophiles who aren’t DIYers, is buying stereo gear that has issues, or stops working just after they buy it. Audio forums are a great place to get help, and possibly find someone you can send your gear to for repair. But not everyone belongs to a forum, or feels comfortable asking for recommendations … so we created a map on the new Repair Shops page. The purpose of this map is to provide a single trusted source for repair shops, and independent techs qualified to properly service your gear and offer some kind of warranty. This includes audio shops that have repair departments. You are invited to recommend your favorite shop or tech, who has a proven record of providing quality work, good customer service, and willing to ship.

The process is simple. Just register through our site so we know you aren’t trolling, and then contact us. We’ll need the business/tech name, contact info and a short description of what they specialize in. It would be even better if you ask your shop/tech to contact us and verify they want to be on the map. Either way, we need to confirm that businesses want to be on this map.

We don’t send out weekly emails, so we won’t bug you. If you prefer to not be on our mailing list, just tell us. Over the next few weeks, we hope this list will grow so that more people just getting into vintage audio can find qualified repair options. Thanks in advance for helping this map grow!