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The popularity of vintage audio is so high that it seems you can find someone selling “parts” around every corner. We’d like to help you narrow down your choices to people and companies that sell quality parts. The last thing you want is to finish repairing or restoring a piece of audio gear, only to have it fail because you got a bad part. This list will grow and change over time. We are open to adding trusted resellers as long as we can verify with multiple references. Some of these suppliers are hobbyists with a proven track record over time. Contact us if you have a company that offers quality parts and friendly service.

Electronic Components

DGWOJO  |  Lamps and light bulbs for Vintage Audio … this place is great!

Digi-Key Electronics  |  Digi-Key is one of the largest electronic components and parts suppliers in the US.

Mouser Electronics  |  Mouser is one of our favorite places that offer a huge range of components for repair or upgrade.

Parts Connexion  |  Boutique quality parts and components for solid state and tube gear, along with repair and modification services. They are constantly growing in what they offer, and everything they carry is geared towards the enthusiast at every level.

Vintage Electronics  |  Electronic components and parts supplier specializing in turntable belts and tape deck belt kits. They also carry lamps, AGC fuses, cartridges and needles, tools, cleaners, and service manuals.

West Florida Components  |  Electronic components and parts supplier specializing in obsolete and hard to find electronic parts and components.

Speaker Repair

Madisound Speaker Components  |  Madisound offers everything you need to repair, and restore your speakers. They also sell speaker kits, terminals, and wiring. They carry our favorite affordable SUPRA speaker cable made in Sweden.

Midwest Speaker Repair  |  More than 25 years in business, a trusted source for speaker repair. Parts include foam surrounds, speaker diaphragms, crossover parts, connectors, speaker wire, pro audio and guitar speakers.

Simply Speakers  |  More than 20 year in business, a trusted source for speaker repair. Parts include foam surrounds, voice coil repair kits, speaker diaphragms, speaker grill cloth, crossover parts and recone kits. They stock genuine JBL factory parts!

Tape Media

Kate’s Track Shack  |  Our favorite online shop for getting repair supplies to keep your 8-Track tapes rolling. They also sell players, tape, accessories, and repair services for tape and players. In business for over 20 years, these guys are committed to helping you keep your 8 track tapes for years to come.

Wiring & Cable Management

Blue Jeans Cable  |  A manufacturer of cable assemblies, BJC is grounded in the engineer-based world of broadcast-quality communications cabling. If you are looking for affordable quality cables and wires for your HiFi system, this is a great place to start.  You can buy raw stock cabling and connectors, or have them assemble audio interconnects for analog and digital applications.  |  Our favorite online shop for protecting and dressing up your component interconnects and speaker cables. This is the Toys”R”Us of audio cabling solutions. A fun site to browse!


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