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Hifi should be fun!

We like cool stereo shops. A good shop is a place that has knowledgable and friendly staff that treat you as a valued customer, even if you don’t buy anything. Cool shops come in a variety of sizes and flavors, with a focus on vintage, modern, or both. You know when you are in a cool HiFi shop because it’s not easy to leave. You just loose track of time. Cool HiFi shops are not easy to find, and when you do find them, it’s not a bad idea to support them with your business, over let’s say big box stores. We’re just getting started with this list, and just so you know, we don’t get paid for listings. We’re doing our small part to help quality businesses stay in business. This page will grow as we discover shops that fit the criteria and pictures to give viewers a taste of the cool factor.

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Archer Hi-Fi

Falls Church, Virgina USA

Located in D.C. area, this cool shop has a good mix of old and new. No matter your budget or taste, there is enough audio eye candy to enjoy, it might be a few hours before you realize you were supposed to be home an hour ago. Part of what makes this shop a “must visit” when you are in town, is they have a good mix of old and new, as well as buy and consign gear. They have an on-site repair and service department. They also carry vinyl and accessories. You could walk out of this shop with a complete system and music.

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516 SE Gleneden Place
Bend, Oregon 97702
(541) 799-9113


Tuesday to Saturday
9 AM to 6 PM

By appointment only

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