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How to enjoy this format

Compact Discs are technically a vintage format that was introduced in 1982. This format is almost four decades old and is still relevant, in part due to the growth of high resolution CD formats introduced by JVC, Toshiba, and Sony. These companies are pushing the limits of mastering and production to create CDs that will make you love your cd player again. I can tell you first hand that SHM-CD, XRCD and XRCD24 sound so good in my vintage system that I would classify them on a different level from any standard CD. Since most vintage hifi systems have a standard Red Book CD player, this page is focused only on special formats that are compatible with all CD players. Each format is unique in the mastering and production process. If you think your cd player can sound better and have never tried a special format cd, you owe it to yourself to try one. I personally love the Audio Wave Music releases from the Blue Note Jazz Collection using XRCD24 with K2 technology. High Fidelity Magazine has a great article covering some of these new technologies.

High resolution discs that play on all cd players

JVC’s extended resolution compact disc is compatible with all CD players. XRCD is a mastering and manufacturing process, based on K2 technology, that attempts to extract the highest possible sound quality from the CD format. Most XRCDs are re-issues from original analog tapes using JVC’s custom 24-bit analog-to-digital converter.

XRCD2 and XRCD24 are improved versions of the original XRCD process. XRCD2 is the first to record to a magneto-optical disk via the digital K2 regenerator, while XRCD24 upgrades the original music signal’s bit depth signal from 20 to 24 bits.

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Super High Material CD is an improved version of the Compact Disc that uses higher quality, more transparent polycarbonate material that was developed for use in LCDs. Universal Music Japan and JVC, who developed thre SHM-CD, say that the new material also allows the pits to be formed more precisely, and the signal characteristics are improved as a result.

What that translates to our listening experience, according to Universal and JVC, is a clearer, more open sound, better resolution that leads to more details, and lower distortion.

The SHM-CD offers a clearer, more open sound with better resolution. Voices and instruments sound more three-dimensional and richer in texture. The results may differ depending on one’s audio system.

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High Quality CD is a new formulation by Toshiba EMI as their answer to JVC/Universal’s SHM-CD. By using a specially formulated amalgam that offers better reflectivity than aluminum, the combined effects are more precise and faithful reproduction of the glass master. Toshiba EMI claims that these improvements lead to higher perceived sound pressure levels, a better frequency balance, higher resolution and wider and deeper soundstage.

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Ultimate High Quality CD is the definitive edition of HQCD developed by Memory-Tech Corp. in Japan. The difference between HQCD and UHQCD is the material used and manufacturing process. HQCDs use a polycarbonate and the UHQCD uses a photopolymer, a light-activated resin that offers excellen pit transcribability.

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Following the SHM-CD by JVC/Universal and HQCD by Toshiba EMI, Sony has joined the competition for the next generation, higher quality CD formulation with its Blu-spec CD. Sony applies new technologies and materials developed for Blu-ray Discs to improve the sound of the Red Book CD.

In 2012, Sony introduced Blu-spec CD2 that reduce reading errors and jitter. Sony claims the amount of jitter is 50% lower than the regular CD.

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Super Audio CD is a high resolution audio disc format that provides more accurate and superior sound reproduction than the standard Red Book CD. The Hybrid version was introduced in 2003, and is a combination CD/DVD-Audio disc that has the CD audio on the top layer of the disc, and the higher fidelity SACD format on the bottom layer.

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Where to buy

Acoustic Sounds

Acoustic Sounds, Inc. is a business specializing in the sale of audiophile vinyl LPs, SACDs, DVD-Audios, high-quality CDs and high-end stereo equipment. It is located in Salina, Kansas, United States. This is the home of Analogue Productions, Analogue Productions Originals, Quality Record Pressings and Blue Heaven Studios.

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Eastwind Import

Eastwind Import is an online shop based in California, USA, that specializes in jazz and classical CDs imported from Japan and Europe. If you are a serious jazz/classical music fan, you may already know that there are excellent independent labels around the world. They offer new recordings and rare reissues of great international artists with superb production values. If you are an audiophile, Eastwind Import is a great resource for great-sounding jazz and classical discs!

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Elusive Disc

Elusive Disc is the exclusive distributor of the JVC XRCD product line for North America. The eXtended Resolution Compact Disc is a mastering and manufacture process originally patented by JVC. Elusive Disc offers 100’s of titles to choose from and many more on the way. Browse XRCD, XRCD2 & XRCD24 titles from JVC, Audio Wave Music, Hi-Q Records, Opus 3, Three Blind Mice and many other labels.

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