Cassette Tape

How to enjoy this format

My personal feeling is that cassette tape is the most affordable, fun way to creat mix tapes. I would venture to say that the popularity of cassette back in the 70’s was making mix tapes for cruisin’ in your car. It was also a fun way, for me at least, to enjoy mix tapes in my home system when I didn’t fell like messing with vinyl. At the time, there were no computers or compact disc technology, so it was the only good way to create mix tapes. There were 8-tracks, but nowhere near as satisfying or as easy to operate the deck and produce clean sound between tracks.

Cassette tapes are experiencing popularity again, like all analog media formats really. There are plenty of good vintage cassette decks out in the market and enough knowledgeable techs that can bring your tape deck back to life that there is really no reason to avoid this format, if you are looking for a fun way to collect and record music. You can still buy new blank cassette tape, or hunt down sealed or gently used vintage cassettes. So you many options.

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Vintage Cassettes

Hands down the best website to learn about vintage cassette tapes. They even have info on reel-to-reel tape. With a database of 2,669 unique sealed cassettes from 1963 – 2010, they have you covered. The most covered time period is 1970 – 1990. Browse the beautiful pictures of sealed compact cassettes to help you build your wish list.

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Tape deck repair & sales

Willy Hermann

Willy Hermann has been a technician and business owner in high end audio since the early 1970’s.  He has been working on Nakamichi since its origin and was trained by Nakamichi America when this equipment was new. Willy Hermann Services maintains a quality shop with all necessary test equipment, proprietary calibration equipment and gauges to service Nakamichi properly.

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Analog Audio Tape & Accessories

ATR Magnetics

ATR Magnetics is located in York, Pennsylvania and has been producing tape since 2005. They are the only manufacturer of studio-grade, analog recording media for professional and semi-professional use, in the Western Hemisphere. Proudly made in the USA. They sell master tape, MDS-36 tape, cassette tape, specialty tapes, accessories, and packaging.

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Recording The Masters

A brand dedicated to world-class audio professionals, RTM are the leading manufacturer of professional and semi-professional analog audio tapes, providing superior recording and sound playback qualities. Our products are made in France and used worldwide in major recording studios, for archive and instrumentation markets. See dealer list.

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Splicit Reel Audio Products

Splicit Reel Audio Products is the nation’s innovative supplier of analog reel-to-reel audio tape supplies and accessories. They carry a full line of audio reel to reel tape, supplies and accessories, including: Capture Series and Recording The Masters tape, splicing blocks & kits, tape reels and boxes, plus cassette tape and supplies.

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