Cardas Audio

Cardas Audio

Established in 1987, Cardas Audio has manufactured premium audio cables and component parts. George Cardas founded the company to perfect audio cables using ultra-pure materials, innovative Golden Ratio resonance control techniques, and uniquely insightful solutions to transmission line problems. The legendary connections and craftsmanship at Cardas reflect George’s pursuit of perfection.

Our association with Cardas grew out of using their solder, wiring and connectors in the repair of vintage audio. We are an authorized parts dealer in the U.S., but able to sell any product made by Cardas inside of the US. Our demo system here in Bend, Oregon only uses Cardas Audio cables, from interconnects to speaker cables, phono cables and power cables. Both of our reference turntables use Rega 2 series tonearms rewired with Cardas Audio (thanks to Audio Origami). We only sell what we use and do not promote any business that we aren’t personally using.

Why buy from us?

There are many online audio shops that just sell audio products across many categories. Our experience has shown that Cardas Audio hits the peak of performance and cost for any high end audio system. Partnering with Cardas helps us offer customers what we think is the best solution on audio connections. You can find cheaper cable, but our experience has proved that the investment for better performance frees you up to stop fiddling with your system and start enjoying music. It’s that simple.

We do not stock cables for one simple reason. There are too many variables, including length and connector type. We are a small shop that delivers personal attention to every order, and many of our customers enjoy dealing direct with us when placing an order. Also, keep in mind that many online audio shops will show certain products being on “backorder”. When you see that, you know that all of us dealers are placing orders as they come in, and we have Cardas drop ship direct to you. Everything we sell comes with a certificate of authenticity and warranty from Cardas. We will give you the best price over any advertised price from other authorized dealers. Please contact us to get more information, pricing and availability.

If you want to learn more about Cardas Audio, check out the film below produced by Darko Audio. By the end, you will feel like you know everyone at Cardas.


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