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Since 1962, Audio-Technica has offered a full line of the highest-quality cartridges and diamond styli so that everyone from the most critical analog enthusiast to the casual listener can have an elevated audio experience. Audio-Technica has built a legacy of quality products for decades. As an authorized reseller, we can offer you bundled deals with turntables, phono cartridges, phono preamps, headphones and more. We do our best to stock items that help us offer upgrade options for turntables and increase your enjoyment of vinyl. Audio-Technica phono cartridges are also a great upgrade option for turntables you buy from us, and if you are local, we will build a turntable package ideal for your needs.

If you want to learn more about Audio-Technica phono cartridges, visit their website.

We are an Audio-Technica Excellence Retailer that can sell their Excellence products and Premium products. If you don’t see what you want in the online shop, contact us for availability and pricing. 

Why buy from us?

Sure, you can buy from the big box online audio shops and get free shipping. But if you live in Central Oregon, you can get free delivery and setup of your system. You can also visit our demo room. Whether you are local, or need shipped direct, we will beat any price you can get from an authorized dealer.

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