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There are a million products you can buy in the pursuit of audio nirvana. We’d like to help you filter through some of this by simply offering up companies that make system improvements we like. To be real, this site is aimed at vintage hifi enthusiasts. That doesn’t mean we don’t like new gear. But it does mean that we will support products we think are a good “fit” with vintage gear on this site. Feel free to make suggestions through our contact form. This section will grow in the coming weeks, so please check back.

System Isolation

Herbie’s Audio Lab

Herbie’s Audio Lab is a world leader in micro-vibration and microphonics control for home audio and video electronics. Today’s electronic components have potential to deliver amazingly accurate and life-like audio reproduction. Unfortunately, micro-vibrations interfere with this potential, introducing distortion, grunge, glare, fuzziness, loss of focus, and untrue frequency response. By controlling micro-vibrations and microphonics, Herbie’s Audio Lab products help your audio and video gear achieve their true potential, rendering a more natural and dynamic musical result.

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