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Bespoke Audio Furniture

Bespoke Audio Furniture includes custom products and custom builds, like speaker stands, side panels, amplifier stands, media storage, turntable plinths and custom turntables.

I love working with wood and metal to create unique and functional pieces of furniture designed to elevate and enhance the enjoyment of your audio equipment and music media. I subscribe to the design philosophy of form follows function. My products have clean lines, and are designed to compliment, not compete with the look of your system. The dimension, scale, and proportions are carefully considered so that the result is a well balanced and visually pleasing piece of furniture. My products are handcrafted by me. I don’t use automated methods to crank out furniture. Each piece of furniture is treated as a one-off, and like art, no two pieces are exactly the same.

I am open to commissioned projects at this time that fit my design approach. You can easily find cheap products online. My products are designed and made to last a lifetime. I don’t take short cuts, or compromise the quality of my work. I will not accept more work than my schedule allows. I will work with you to realize your vision. Estimates are free.

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The Amp Stand

Custom Turntables

Building custom turntables can be fun and the challenge of designing and building an effective and beautiful wood plinth is not for the faint of heart. This is my High Desert Goldring Lenco GL75 custom turntable, made in Switzerland around 1969-70. My work on the dual layered plinth consists of a top plate made from a slab of Atlas Cedar, and the base was made from South American Walnut. The layers have a piece of hand-bent aluminum trim to visually separate the two wood species, and add a firm connection point between the two. The Black Walnut armboard was made to work with stacked platters on this unit.The speed lever was handcarved from Wenge.

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Juggernaut Audio Stands™

Bespoke speaker stands designed to integrate speaker and stand into a streamline cohesive look. These stands are welded steel tubing with threaded mounting points for replaceable wood side panels and adjustable feet. Powdercoating is required for long term protection. The final product is bold and strong, which is why this line is called the Juggernaut Audio Stands™. Prices start at $1200 + shipping.

Akai GX-635D with custom side panels

Custom Side Panels

Whether you love 8-track or Reel-to-Reel tape decks, you can elevate the appearance of your machine with new custom wood panels. There are a variety of exotic woods that are beautiful options. I can work with you to create a beautiful set of side panels for you deck. The ideal process is using your original panels as a template so that I can make sure the final panels will fit your mounting holes and be correctly positioned in relation to the edges of your deck. Prices range from $100 – 175, depending on species of wood and finish.

Photos: Akai GX-635D with Bloodwood side panels.

Even the lowly 8-track deserves some love. For me, the joy of 8-track is the experience of time travel back to the 70’s when people enjoyed music regardless of what the format was. This analog format isn’t perfect, but still deserves quality side panels. This series of Pioneer decks had “the look” back in the day and these custom walnut side panels elevate the overall look and give it just a little more respect. Call for pricing.

Photos: Pioneer H-R99 with South American Walnut side panels.

The Amp Stand

Juggernaut™ Amp Stand

Why block airflow from under your high power amp? Beef up the look of your amplifier and allow more air flow from underneath. These are custom built to your amp dimensions, with adjustable pointed bullet feet and powdercoated to a color and finish of your choice. Call for pricing.

Record Caddy

Who doesn’t love walnut? This handcrafted stand has a leather pad and mounting hole to display your favorite band buttons. These are designed to display 45 rpm records, CD’s and 7″ open reel tapes. Available in Alder, White Oak, or a variety of other woods.  Sold out … contact me for custom orders.


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