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Consulting Service to help you enjoy your HiFi

“Do I buy or sell . . . is it worth fixing up my old gear?” I get asked to help people make decisions about their vintage hifi gear. So I offer a consulting service for people who are not comfortable navigating this process, or have hit the wall and give up.

I have been involved in HiFi since the 70’s. I don’t claim to be an expert, but in over 40 years, I have learned enough to know what is good and what is a waste of your time and money. My goal is always to help you put together a vintage audio system that helps you enjoy the most important thing — music. A big part of making this happen involves decisions about buying, selling and repair of vintage audio. Sometimes it involves locating hard-to-find parts.

I’m happy to give you a little free advice. But if you need more of my time and want to take advantage of my consulting service, I hope you will consider supporting me with a donation, using the button below, if you feel my service has been of value to you. If I am not able to help you, you don’t pay anything. The levels in the drop down menu are time-based, but really meant to give you the ability to choose an amount that you feel is reasonable. I do not earn money through any referral links on this website. My business depends on custom furniture projects and my Shop. I don’t charge businesses for referrals on my Repair Shop page and doing what I can to help foster a generous audio community where we can all benefit through keeping vintage Hifi relevant and fun!

If you have questions about this service, please use the contact form to let me know how I can help you.

Thank your for your support!

About me

I am a designer & craftsman passionate about music and vintage analog audio gear from the late 60's, 70's, and 80's.

My mission is to help you get the most out of your audio system with custom handcrafted products, and informative resources that help you maintain and improve the quality of your HiFi system.


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