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Is your vintage stereo worth fixing?

“Do I buy or sell . . . is it worth fixing up my old gear?” I get asked to help people make decisions about their vintage hifi gear. So I offer a consulting service for people who are not comfortable navigating this process, or have hit the wall and give up.

I have been involved in HiFi since the 70’s. I don’t claim to be an expert, but in over 40 years, I have learned enough to know what is good and what is a waste of your time and money. My goal is always to help you put together a vintage audio system that helps you enjoy the most important thing — music. A big part of making this happen involves decisions about buying, selling and repair of vintage stereo equipment.

I’m happy to give you a little free advice.

But if you need more of my time and want to take advantage of my consulting service, I hope you will consider supporting me with a donation, using the drop down button below, if you feel my service has been of value to you. Your choices in the drop down menu are time-based, but really meant to give you the ability to choose an amount that you feel is reasonable. I do not have any paid links on this website. My business depends on commissioned custom projects and selling products in my Shop. I do not charge businesses for referrals through my Repair Shop page. I offer this service to help you avoid costly mistakes, especially mistakes that sour your passion for vintage audio gear.

Use the contact form to let me know how I can help you.

Thank your for your support!

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Bend, Oregon 97702
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