Who are we?

Good question.

You love music, and you really enjoy listening to it on vintage gear. We are “vintage hifi nuts” … and that means we place a high importance on how we treat our hifi system, vinyl, tapes, and CDs. So much so, anyone who knows your passion, might consider you a little obsessed. Vintage Hifi Nut is about a state of mind. We make lifestyle apparel for audio gearheads. But we don’t just sell stuff, we are on a mission to become your favorite source of information and resources that help you enjoy your vintage audio and grow in your audio journey.

As fellow lovers of music and vintage audio gear, we couldn’t find apparel and lifestyle gear that we wanted to wear. So we decided it was time to begin designing things — Tees, caps and more — that draw attention to our passion, and hopefully your passion, for vintage hifi gear.

When we say “vintage”, we think of audio gear made from the mid-60’s through the early-90’s. These three decades include tubes and solid state, mid-fi and hi-fi … and the beginning of what we now consider high-end audio. Those were the years when companies weren’t run by bean-counters (for the most part). It was an time when circuit design and industrial design were visually appealing and sounded great. Many of us know the feeling of owning stereo gear we could only dream of when it hit the showroom floors over twenty years ago. There is great value in vintage audio gear, and we are here to help you get the most out of your audio system, and learn a thing or two.

New generations who have grown up in the digital age have discovered what vinyl and tape sound like on a proper vintage system. There is a growing appreciation for music with a physical form, including album jackets, inner sleeves with art, lyrics and liner notes. Even tape is getting interest for it’s fun form factor and nostalgic charm. This new generation is benefitting from older music lovers willing to help them find their first cool hifi system, and a used market with plenty of gear to make that happen. Unfortunately, not all that vintage gear is ready to go into daily service week after week, without some care and love. That’s where the Audio Resources section can come in handy. During 2019, we’ll be working on adding links to trusted sources, including Audio Forums, DIY Supplies, HiFi LinksRepair Shops, and more.

And let’s be honest. If it wasn’t for our love of music, there would be no point in spending time or money on audio gear, right? It doesn’t matter what your musical tastes are, or what your budget is … we truly believe vintage hifi is the best value for having a stylish system in your living space, big or small. And for many of us, vintage audio connects us back to a simpler time, when analog was king. We consider ourselves ambassadors for all vintage audio gear, mediums, and music … and so we don’t care what level of audiophile you are. Our focus is helping you enjoy your music on a cool vintage hifi system … and wearing the gear that goes along with it.

Our initial product offerings are branded merchandise to help get our name out there, and give you exclusive ways to show you are really into hifi. It will also help fund product development as we are working on designs for unique speaker stands that don’t exist yet. And there will be other products focused on supporting your system, organizing your media, and caring for your turntable. We have no intention of selling you the same items you can buy everywhere else online. There’s nothing exciting, challenging, or rewarding about that to us.

We hope you will look around and come back often to see what’s new as we grow.

About me

I am a designer & craftsman passionate about music and vintage audio gear from the late 60's, 70's, and 80's.

My mission is to help you get the most out of your audio system with custom handcrafted products, and informative resources that help you maintain and improve the quality of what you see, as well as what you hear.


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