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Giving old audio gear new life™

Vintage HiFi means different things to people. Anything from the late-50’s to early-90’s is vintage. No matter the decade, chances are there is a tube or solid state component that speaks to you on some level. The nostalgia of analog takes us back to simpler times. Analog can sound fantastic and with the sheer volume of music that is available — used and new — exploring music can become a fun and rewarding adventure. Music can take us on a journey, and vintage audio gear is how we travel along that journey. So it’s important to properly care for our gear and get good advice for keeping your vintage audio in good working order.

The “NUT” in our name, stands for New, Used and Trades … which is how we are able to give new and old audio lovers a personalized level of service.

Our Mission

Our mission is Giving Old Audio Gear New Life™ by offering services and products to help you realize your system’s full potential, elevate the look of your listening space and most importantly, enjoy your music!

Our services

Our personalized services focus on designing custom built AR XA turntables with Rega tonearms. The AR XA platform responds well to modern updates and will compete sonically with modern turntables that cost more.

We also offer repair and restoration for most turntables from well known brands like Pioneer to high performance turntables from less well know companies like Bergmann Audio. We work on other home audio equipment including speakers and electronics. As time allows, we custom design and build custom wood-based products that include audio racks, speaker stands, side panels, amplifier stands and record storage. We also do our best to provide resources to repair shops and other helpful resources, including audio advice for buying, selling and repairing.

We will accept trades on some items related to turntables. Contact us for details.

Authorized dealer

We are an authorized reseller for Cardas Audio, Grado Labs, Rega Research, MoFi Electronics, MoFi Accessories, Fyne Audio, Nessie Vinylmaster, and Solidsteel audio racks from Italy. If you live in Central Oregon around Bend, Oregon, we will come install any product you buy from us. If you don’t see what you want, just ask. We’ll get if for you.

Our Products

Our products focused on everything you need to enjoy your vinyl collection. This means we’ll always carry DIY products from Cardas Audio, from tonearm rewire kits to braided tonearm wire, solder and rosin flux soldering paste. You can get phono cartridges from Rega, MoFi and Grado. If you are local in the Central Oregon area, we will install, adjust, align and test any phono cartridge you buy from us. Since we don’t carry all products from our partners, you can explore the Cardas Audio Product Guide linked in our footer, or check out our partner websites for Cardas Audio, Rega Research, Grado Labs, MoFi Electronics, MoFi Accessories, Fyne Audio, Nessie Vinylmaster and Solidsteel and let us know what you want. Otherwise, check out our Shop. We’ll also beat any legitimate advertised price from any authorized Cardas dealer. We want to earn your business, and will prove it with personalized service.

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Featured Products

Rega Fono MM MK5

Special Price $345


MoFi Electronics UltraTracker MM Phono Cartridge



Cardas Clear Tonearm Rewire Kit

$125 – 160


Audio Upgrade

Great friendly service with swift execution, for which many thanks!

Joe in California, USA

Audio Advice

“Thank You So Much for spending the time with me to find a repair shop in my area that was willing to repair my vintage compact stereo and turntable.  I thought I would have to ship the equipment out of state but you helped me find someone local.  We all thank you for your passion and dedication !! Very happy customer.

David in Boston, USA

Custom Side Panels

Fantastic product and craftsmanship. It just looks amazing.
I highly recommend both the product and Matt.

Ib in Denmark

Quality craftsmanship

“Matt’s attention to detail, design style and quality craftsmanship took my AR XA turntable to a whole new level. It’s a one-of-a-kind piece of art I will enjoy for many years to come. Thanks for the Hot Rod!”

Gary in Washington, USA

Custom Side Panels

“Extremely satisfied with those side panels. The wood is very beautiful and we can see right away that Matt pays special attention to every detail. I highly recommend it.

Rejean in Canada

Cardas DIN Plugs for Phono Cables

“As one would expect the Cardas DIN plug is high quality. Purchasing through was very easy. I’m happy with the price, and the item was shipped quickly.

Stuart in Georgia, USA

Cardas Iridium Phono Cable

“I do suggest you consult with Matt prior to purchasing ANY of Cardas cables just to make sure the proper cable is selected specifically for your particular system. It did help me for sure — very knowledgeable and reliable professional. “

Sash in Illinois, USA

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Bend, Oregon 97702
(541) 799-9113


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